The Luxury of Self

8 Nov

The Grief Reality

It’s been a little while hasn’t it?

I managed to move in to that affordable flat that I was willing the universe to send to me through endless manifestations and positive thinking.

A lovely flat with my friend and my dear cat, Daisy. A flat that is so much more spacious and quiet than I ever thought possible for London.

Much like how I decorate my new room with little trinkets (some new, some brought from Devon), I now decorate my days with activities, new and old. Activities thatI want to do.

Once again, Sundays have become my favourite day of the week. My phone is turned off, I catch up with Great British Bake Off, and I practicepainting with watercolours. I’ve joined the library too and have spent countless hours cuddled up with my cat just reading.


This new room reflects my mind. It’s mine now. I…

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